Greg Brown - Supreme and Exalted Leader, Crystal Creek Music

After college at the University of Redlands and Boston University, Greg served for 20 years as a bassoonist in Air Force Bands at the Air Force Academy and in Washington D.C. While living in Virginia, a dear friend introduced him to the hammered dulcimer, and he immediately fell in love with it. (Maybe there’s something about playing obscure instruments that attracts him. The neighbors are hoping the sackbutt or the serpent horn aren’t next.) Now he regularly performs around Colorado on both bassoon and hammered dulcimer, and occasionally dabbles with recorders, bari sax, and bass clarinet. He is principal El Supremo First Chair (and only) bassoon and dulcimer in Crystal Creek Music's group Anachron.

Nancy Brown - Muse, Performer of lovely and mysterious melodies

"Solos by . . . oboist Nancy Brown stood out like jewels. . . Brown's oboe was prominent and outstanding among the other fine solo lines . . . a lone, dreamy oboe line, played with great skill by Nancy Brown . . . Nancy Brown deserves mention for a delicious oboe solo . . ." Those were comments by Washington Post reviewers during Nancy's eight-year tenure as principal oboist of the Arlington Symphony in northern Virginia. Nowadays, you can regularly hear Nancy performing with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and other groups around Colorado. She maintains a large teaching studio, and many of her students fill Colorado All-State groups , win competitions, and have gone on to professional music careers. She plays oboe, english horn, and various recorders with Greg in Crystal Creek Music's group Anachron.


Anachron is our performing group. The name is derived from anachronism, to mix stuff together from different periods of time. We embrace the mash-up of modern and ancient instruments with folk and classical music. People today want connection and authenticity, and our audiences love our personal connection with them on and off the stage. We regularly invite talented colleagues to join us, and we think you'll appreciate the obvious fun that we have making music together. While we won't be painted blue or swinging around hanging upside down, you can count on being entertained, soothed, inspired, challenged, and maybe involved during our concerts. We love to interact with our audiences, we love to bring excellence to everything we do, and we love to see you smile and hear you laugh.

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